Telltale Games

I’m sure that many people from the gaming community have heard of the infamous Telltale Games.

These people have made some of the most powerful games I’ve ever seen. There are many examples,  such as: The walking dead and The wolf among us.

These games follow a common trend… The game changes depending on the choices you make, make a bad decision and you have to live with it forever.

These games use incredibly powerful language to immerse you and make you feel like you’re really there. Every situation has language type that matches it. If you have never played a telltale game then I highly recommend you do.
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Gaming Language

How often do you use gaming slang? The answer? More than you think…

The gaming community is massive, they make contributions to almost everything. We use words like: grind, RP and OP all the time. (For you non –  gamers out there, I will now give the definitions of those words) grind – training to build up to something.
RP – Role Play. OP – Over Powered.

Those aren’t the only examples I can think of either! My point is, we take language from so many places! And it becomes a part of our vocabulary. Some people might not even notice that they use this language, that’s how common it is!

Why don’t you think of those words you use everyday? Find out where they come from. I guarantee you’ll be surprised!


Change… It happens more you think

I learned something recently…  The word of the year (this year) was hashtag. It just goes to show how much language really changes, hashtag is a REALLY recent word and it’s already word of the year. Remember YOLO? That’s a word that was used a lot and yet you don’t hear it said that often anymore… And YOLO (like hashtag) came into style recently.

Language is just one if those things that changes constantly, and who knows what new words we’ll have picked up in about 10 years.

Now a question for everyone who read this through to the end. Which word do you think will be the word of the year in 2016? Leave a comment and tell me!

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The purpose of this blog

I’d like to give any soon-to-be followers an idea of what I would like this blog to be.

I want it to be a place where everybody gets to speak their mind freely and engage in discussion. Just don’t go crazy ok? It could be about anything (within reason) and I hope to have many followers to engage in discussions with!

That being said… I highly doubt that I’ll end up with millions of followers (I’m a realist). I don’t expect to reach even expect to reach 100. But in the end, it’s not quantity that matters, but quality.

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