(Warning: this post may contain spoilers for telltale’s the walking dead series. You are planning to play this game then don’t read this post)

The walking dead is a game about surviving in the zombie apocalypse. Every decision you make counts, one wrong decision and you have to live with it for the rest of the game.

You play as Lee Everett, a man convicted of murder. Your goal is to protect your group from the walkers (zombies) and survive.

The most important person to you is Clementine, a 10 year old girl that you find at the beginning of the game. You learn from the start that her parents are probably dead.

At the moment, you can see that this game has many factors. This game is very emotional and contains its fair share of swearing. An example is ” Get off of her you son of a bitch!”
This game shows that swearing is something that people do a lot, and that it is a perfectly normal reaction to certain situations.

I believe that the meaning behind swearing changes depending on the situation; if you’re with friends then you swear to show friendship, if you hate somebody then you swear to express that. Regardless, swearing is something that people do to express themselves.

In the walking dead, the survivors swear to express their feelings about the zombie apocalypse. When something goes wrong, you can expect to hear people say words like: Fuck, shit and Goddammit.

To summarise, swearing is something we do to express our feelings towards something.