Kingdom Hearts

(Please be aware that this post may contain spoilers for any game within the KH series)

Kingdom Hearts… A game about one boy… This boy is the chosen wielder of the keyblade. His name is Sora.

For those of you who don’t know, Kingdom Hearts is a game that is a cross between Disney and the Final Fantasy series. (And it’s awesome).

In Kingdom Hearts 1, Sora doesn’t seem too eager to pursue his destiny (don’t get me wrong, he changed his mind) so I can’t help but wonder if Sora was influenced by Donald and Goofy (the apparatus of society).

Donald and Goofy carried a lot of influence in Traverse Town (the second world in the game) as they work under the king (Mickey) and were able to convince Sora to embark on his epic quest with the help of Leon (Final Fantasy fans will know him as Squall).

If this theory is right then I have to thank Donald and Goofy for creating the adventure in this game.

But I digress… Kingdom Hearts is one of my favourite game series and for good reason! The game’s story is very deep and has many hidden meanings that you might not find on your first playthrough, the gameplay is amazing; it’s very fluent and one action just flows into the next. The reaction commands are my favourite thing about it though! For example: during Roxas’ battle in his heart against the giant nobody, when the floor is flipped and you begin to freefall… And then you grab your keyblade and hurl it at the nobody (SO EPIC!).

I really hope that kingdom hearts 3 is just as amazing as its prequels and it has a lot to live up to… Don’t disappoint me Square Enix!



I Return!

I am happy to inform everyone (everyone who cares) that after a very long break, I am coming back to my blog. I will try to keep up weekly posts for now but I may make a few extra posts a week. I will start with another post after this one.
I’m happy to be back!