FREEDOM! (Well… Sorta…)

As of Wednesday this week my college exams are finally over! (Cue balloons, confetti and Final Fantasy fanfare in background). Anyway, I’ll be able to spend more time coming up with topics after June 30th. The reason for this is because I still have to attend my lessons and go to a ‘Progression Fortnight’… So you know. (If anyone is actually interested in knowing what that is then just ask).

But moving along… I’d like to talk about the Dead by Daylight Beta that’s coming out on the 14th (Or, at least, so they say). This is the single best horror game that I have seen coming out in my life. I mean this by the way. In my opinion there is no second. Not: Amnesia, Slender, Alien Isolation, not even Outlast! (Although, depending on how good Outlast 2 is, my opinion may change). Now some of you might be thinking… “Oh Titan, Dead by Daylight may be a good game but it can’t be the best horror game ever! It’s so random! There’s no way of knowing what’s going to happen!” … My response to this is… Exactly.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game; there are 4 survivors (or sometimes less) against one killer. The killer and the survivors are all players. The survivors must activate a certain number of generators (which are scatted throughout the map) and escape through 1 of 2 exits. The killer must find and kill all survivors by injuring them with a cleaver and hanging them on hooks.

In games like this, all you know is your objective. You don’t know what will happen, it’s all random. The maps are procedurally generated, the players could be both good and bad, you could get really unlucky. There are numerous variables that could change your gameplay. To put it simply, no 2 games are alike.

And it is this element of randomness that gives the game depth. The very fact that this game can change based on one of more variables makes it unpredictable. And when you can’t predict the outcome of the game… That is when fear sets in. You can’t simply prepare yourself for every possible outcome, such a feat would require multiple in-game items (of which you can only carry one).

As well as that, the game does a good job of making you rely on your senses to stay hidden and catch survivors. Not only do you have to keep watch for the killer as a survivor, but when the killer is close, the game makes a heartbeat sound that gets louder the closer they get (and then they bust out the tuba). Similarly, the killer can see all sources of sound and have to judge which could be the players (as it could be a decoy).

To top it off, even if you’ve been hung on a hook by the killer, your friends can still save you by risking their own lives. Alternatively, you could quicken your death to try and get of the hook yourself (with a low success rate). If you’re on the hook for too long, these claws will begin to try and stab you. At this point you have to spam the space bar to struggle. This creates a feeling of both hope and desperation; waiting and hoping for your friends to save you and the manic pressing of the space bar.

Either way, that’s my opinion. Can’t wait to hear yours!

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