Trading Card Games

For the remainder of this post, I will be referring to Trading Card Games as TCGs… Just so you know. Enjoy!

So I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine. I was playing Yugioh by myself (Practising like all good players do) and my friend comes over to me and says “Is that Yogioh?” … (Inhale) Why? Why does everyone say it wrong? It’s on the cards for crying out loud. Anyway, I politely correct him and say that it is Yugioh. Then he responds with this “Why are you playing a children’s card game?” … (Internal Screaming)

Just… Why? Why are you doing this to me?

For clarification, the target demographic for Yugioh is children but you will never see a child competing at a full-scale Yugioh Tournament. This is because TCGs are very complex. They require strategy that is far beyond the mental capabilities of say an 8 year old for example. I will now use myself as an example. I play 3 TCGs: Yugioh, Magic the Gathering (MTG) and Pokemon but Yugioh will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first one that I had ever played.

Now I was about 10 when I went to my first tournament. It wasn’t anything big like regionals or anything like that; just a small tournament for fun. I noticed that I was the youngest person there. The others were a range of about 13-35-ish.  I had been playing for about 2 years at that point and I was confident in my skills. But at the same time, I was also a cocky little shit who didn’t know any better so you know… Anyway, I’d prepared myself for the first game: playing my best deck, we shuffled each other’s decks. Note: the guy I was playing against was a solid 7 years older than me at least. Now… What do you suppose happened next? I got my ass handed to me is what happened! I literally could not do a dent in this dude.

That being said, I did win a couple matches and I placed 11th overall (Out of about 18… I think?). I had beaten one adult who looked like he was about 30 something years old and he had beaten several of the other older players… Then again he had a crap hand but hey; I’ll take what I can get.

Anyway, while the target demographic is children… The kids that are targeted are not gonna be able to play it as well as the adults. This is a fact. TCGs require so much thought to how you play them. The game you play directly influences how you play it. With TCGs you can’t just play 2 of them the exact same way. They don’t cross-over well. If a competitive Call of Duty player started playing Battlefield, you’d expect them to be fairly good at it (since first-person shooters are very similar in how they are played) but you don’t get that with TCGs.

For example: In Yugioh, you can sacrifice monsters for a greater cause with little consequence. This is because summoning a new monster is as easy as drawing a level 4 monster. However, in Pokemon, If 6 of your Pokemon are beaten or you have no Pokemon are in play, you lose. As you can see, sacrificing Pokemon is much riskier than sacrificing monsters in Yugioh. Similarly, in MTG your creatures are both your sword and your shield. You can use them for battle or for blocking attacks from your opponent’s monsters but you can rarely use them for both within one turn. This means that you have to lose your life points or sacrifice some of your monster’s life points (and sometimes their ability to attack). Another thing about MTG, Monsters require Mana to be summoned (meaning they are more difficult to summon).

As you can see, your skills in one TCG do not usually translate over to others. You may be exceptional in one TCG but completely crap in the others.

Now… For all of you out there who think that games like Yugioh and Pokemon are Children’s games… Are they really? How many children do you know that would take all of this into consideration? If you say anything other than slim to none then you are full of it.

Thanks for reading my rant! If you agree or disagree with me then leave a comment and I’ll read it! Fairs fair. You put up with whatever this is.

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