Outsider’s Views on Gaming

Okay… I’ve been thinking recently about the views that many people have on gaming or more specifically the gaming community (the gamers). I feel that there are too many negative views on gamers so I’m going to go through a list of the usual views that people have on gamers and prove them wrong one at a time.

  1. Gamers are unsociable. This is a simple one to disprove. There is a very popular pastime for gamers known as ‘Online Multiplayer’. If that isn’t obvious enough, it allows gamers to play with other gamers around the world. This means that we are able to socialize with more people than your typical outgoing person (as hard as that may be to believe).
  2. Gaming is a waste of time. Whoever came up with this idea is (with all due respect) an idiot. Gaming is widely considered a hobby. Question for all of those who agree with the idea that gaming is a waste of time: would you consider your hobby a waste of time? You likely responded with no (if you said yes then… Get a new hobby cause this one isn’t working out for you). For those who are still skeptical, do you play sport? Do you take part in competitive activities of any sort? Because those are very similar to games my dear reader. You compete with other people (just as you do in competitive games), you co-operate to succeed (just as you do in games), you play sports and competitive activities to have fun and win (anyone starting to see a trend here?) I can guarantee there’s still one or two people who are saying “But Mathew, people who play sport can accomplish great things! What have a bunch of gamers ever done for us?” Well… Quite a lot actually. The list is very long so I’ll pick out one example:there was a game called Foldit released on the internet a while back. This game was a puzzle game where players are allowed to collaborate and compete in predicting the structure of protein molecules. Scientists had repeatedly failed to identify the structure of a protein-cutting enzyme from an AIDS like virus. So they issued a challenge to Foldit players to try and produce an accurate model of this enzyme that scientists failed to create for over a decade. The players managed to complete the model in 3 weeks. (Drops laptop as if it were a mic) Oh shit! I need that!
  3. Games are a bad influence on children. Correction. SOME games are a bad influence on children. Games like Grand Theft Auto 5 are very obscene and are a bad influence on children. This is true. But let me bend your ear for a second… GTA V was not meant to be played by children! It has a rating of 18+ (meaning it’s for people 18 or over). The fact that you bought your child or let your child buy the game is your own fault. Don’t blame the game for being a bad influence on children when they aren’t meant for children.
  4. People who play games are much more violent than others. How people have reached this conclusion is beyond me. Just because a game is violent does not mean that the person playing will become violent. If we were to follow this logic, that would mean that a game where you play as a killer (like Dead by Daylight for instance) would make you more likely to be a murderer. Which is completely ridiculous! Allow me to elaborate… Trauma Center (a game where you play as a surgeon) does not make me a surgeon. Phoenix Wright (a game where you play as a lawyer) does not make me a lawyer. So why would Dead by Daylight make me a murderer?
  5. This will be the final point, so let’s pick a good one… (Rummaging through files) Ah! Here we go! Games are for children… Ahem… Games like: Sonic R, Crash Bandicoot and Kingdom Hearts are good examples of games that are played by children (and adults alike!)… That being said, games like: GTA V, Red Dead Redemption and any Call of Duty game ever (pick one… Your choice) are good examples of games that should NOT be played by children. This should be apparent by the Large Red 18+ Symbol that cannot be missed! So you know… Games aren’t just for kids.

Anyway, that’s all for this post. If you agree with me post then congratulate me on stating the obvious. If you disagree then leave a comment and tell me why I’m wrong (some proof would be nice by the way). Hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for Reading!

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