Character Bio: Sans The Skeleton

(This post contains spoilers for Undertale. If you plan to play this game then I’d advise you to finish it first and then read this. Oh, and you’re welcome Alex)

(Oh, and I’m trying out something new in this post. Anything that is in italics will have a definition for those who may not know what the word or phrase means)

Name: Sans The Skeleton

Known Aliases: Smiley Trashbag, Sansy

Age: ???

First Appearance: Undertale (though some would say Earthbound… I don’t)


  • Is very fast and difficult to hit
  • Can ignore the player’s Invincibility Frames
  • Can launch a constant barrage of magical attacks
  • Can do a large quantity of damage over time
  • Has the unique ability to sense when the player RESETS


  • Only has 1 HP and 1 Def (meaning 1 attack is all that’s needed to kill him)
  • Only has 1 ATK (meaning his normal attacks only do 1 damage)
  • Is very lazy and gets tired very easily
  • While Sans is capable of sensing when the player RESETS, he does not retain memories of what happened prior to the RESET.
  • His name is a reference to the font Comic Sans. This is also what font his dialogue is in. Such a cruel fate…


Not much is known about Sans’s past. All that we know is what the Shopkeeper in Snowdin tells you: that he and his brother (Papyrus) suddenly showed up in Snowdin one day and asserted themselves. Since that day, Sans and Papyrus have been hunting for any humans that appear.

We also know that Sans is a very talented comedian (despite his brother’s opinion). Sans had apparently been practicing knock knock jokes on the door to the ruins and met Toriel in the process. Toriel one day asked Sans to guide the next human who came through the door (Frisk). Sans promised to do so. However, in the Genocide Route, Sans betrays this promise and reveals that he doesn’t like making promises.

Near the end of the Pacifist Route, if the player has already read Sans’ speech, Sans will notice this and tell you a secret Codeword (I am the Legendary Fartmaster) that you must RESET to deliver. When you do, he gives you the key to his room. Once there… He will prank you… Yay… BUT! If you search his room then you should come across a Silver Key that opens the door to Sans’ Workshop (That’s hidden behind their house).

There are 4 items in Sans’ Workshop: A Badge, an Album (with pictures of Sans and several other people Frisk doesn’t recognise), a Blueprint of a machine that is written in strange symbols (believed to be Wingdings (reference to W.D Gaster)) and a Machine that is hidden away behind a curtain (which also appears to be broken). Furthermore, if the game has been competed with ANY ending, there will also be a card with a poorly drawn picture of 3 people that says ‘Never Forget’.

Many people have tried to Link Earthbound and Undertale by saying that Sans is Ness. They claim that the Badge is a reference to the Franklin Badge, that the Broken Machine is the Phase Distorter and that the Album is all the pictures taken of Ness and his friends. There is a lot of evidence against this and several people have already shown how unlikely this theory is So I’m not gonna waste my time (I got better things to do like… Um… Uh… Fuck). Anyway, I do not personally believe that Sans could possibly be Ness.


Shortcuts – Sans is able to travel quickly or teleport through what he calls Shortcuts. I say teleport because he has been known to take Shortcuts through solid walls.

Gaster Blasters – Some sort of device that resembles a skull (it also kinda looks like the DT Extractor from the True Lab). This device is capable of firing some kind of laser beam.

Bones – …What? What more do you want me to say? He takes Bones and uses magic to throw them towards enemies. I don’t know what more I can say here.

Gravity – Sans is able to change the effect of gravity on an enemies SOUL… In Undertale, when you’re being attacked, your SOUL is put into a little box where you try to dodge the attacks (or block them in Undyne’s case). Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know.

Selection Screen Fuckery (Aptly named by TheTerminologyTitan) – An ability that is unique to Sans. This ability allows Sans to attack his enemy while they are still selecting what they are doing in the Selection Screen

Karmic Retribution – An ability that is unique to Sans. This ability determines how much damage is dealt to an enemy over time. The more EXP that an enemy has, the more damage it does.

Hacker Detection – Sans can notice if someone has hacked the game or messed with the code. For example, if the player reached an impossible ending in the Neutral Route.


  • Fought against Chara (or Frisk or whatever the fuck you named your character) despite knowing full well that victory was impossible
  • Has been the source of many internet memes… Seriously, I’m not kidding
  • Has managed to confuse the hell out of the internet… As difficult as that can be


In short, not much is known about the origins of Sans and his brother Papyrus. All we know is that he is a skilled combatant and that he is certainly not one to be messed with. And if you do decide to mess with him. You’d better get ready to get dunked on.

“Do you wanna have a bad time? Cause if you keep going the way you are now… You’re gonna have a bad time.”

Invincibility Frames – When the player is hit, they enter a small period where they become immune to damage. This only last for a few seconds (or a few frames).

RESET – This is what Undertale calls it’s save function. The RESET ability.

Genocide Route – Also referred to as a no mercy run. This means that you must hunt every single monster in the underground and kill them all. The save locations tell you how many are left. Any encounters after you kill all monsters will result in a screen that displays ‘But nobody came…’ Furthermore, you must also kill all bosses.

Selection Screen – The screen that appears when you need to decide what you will do. Undertale is Turn-based (so you take a turn and then your enemy does and so on). However, Sans makes bones go across the buttons used to select your option, which will damage you. For the record, there are 4 options: FIGHT, ACT, ITEM and MERCY.

EXP – Despite what you may think, in this game EXP does NOT stand for experience. It actually stands for Execution Points. Similarly, there is another acronym LV that is used in much the same way. Instead of Level, it stands for Level Of ViolenceThese are used as a way to determine how much a person is able to hurt someone. The higher their EXP and LV, the easier it becomes to hurt someone without being hurt yourself.

Thanks for reading this character bio. I hope you enjoyed reading it! If I missed anything then please feel free to leave a comment and tell me how much of a dumbass I am! Also, if you want me to make a character bio for someone specific then please feel free to ask.


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Dead By Daylight

Now some may recall that I made a blog post about Dead By Daylight in the past. It was about how random the game could be and how that random factor translated into fear. This post however will be a general review of the game as it is now. Note that everything you read here is purely my opinion and facts that back them up.

The Survivor’s Objectives:

The Survivors (of which there are typically 4) must work together to repair a total of 5 Generators (4 if there are fewer than 4 survivors) then open and escape through one of the 2 Exit Doors. Furthermore, if there is only one Survivor left and at least 2 Generators have been repaired a Trapdoor will open up that a Survivor can also escape through.

The Survivors can also carry 4 different pieces of equipment (but only one at a time). These pieces of equipment include: A Toolbox, A Medkit, A Flashlight and A Map.

The Toolbox

The Toolbox allows a Survivor to repair Generators and Sabotage Traps faster. It also allows Survivors to Sabotage the killer’s hooks (except the ones in the Basement).

The Medkit

The Medkit allows Survivors to heal each other at a faster rate. It also allows Survivors to perform a Self Heal.

The Flashlight

Despite what you might think, the Flashlight is not used for lighting your way (it can be used for that, but the incredibly short battery life makes it very impractical). Instead, it can be use to blind the killer for a few seconds. This can be done by shining the Flashlight directly into their eyes.

The Map

The Map can be used to show the location of every Generator in the area… And nothing else.

The Killer’s Objectives:

The Killer must track down and kill at least 1 Survivor in order to win. However, the Killer will get more Blood Points (this will be explained later) if they kill multiple Survivors. There are 4 different types of Killer in the game currently (again these will be covered later). The killer carries one main weapon that will put a Survivor into a crawling state with 2 attacks.

As I previously stated, there are 4 types of Killer: The Trapper, The Wraith, The Hillbilly and (most recently) The Nurse.

The Trapper

Considered by many to be the most basic class. The Trapper sets traps which Survivors can get caught in if they are not careful. Once caught, Survivors will attempt to escape (with RNG deciding whether or not they succeed). Alternatively they can get saved by another Survivor. The Trapper can also get caught in these traps and get slowed down for a few seconds. The Trapper can only carry one trap at a time and these traps can also get sabotaged by Survivors. The Trapper wields a Meat Cleaver as their weapon.

The Wraith

The Wraith is a Killer that has the ability to Cloak and Uncloak himself at will. While Cloaked, The Wraith moves slightly faster and is ‘Invisible’ (in quotation marks because The Wraith shimmers while  Cloaked). Furthermore, while the Wraith is Cloaked, the Survivors will not hear the Heartbeat sound that plays when the Killer approaches. However, being Cloaked does have its drawbacks. For example, the Killer cannot interact with anything while Cloaked and Uncloaking takes a few seconds. The Wraith carries a Staff as their weapon

The Hillbilly

The hillbilly is the only killer with a secondary weapon. This weapon is a chainsaw. While using the Chainsaw, the Hillbilly can Sprint over long distances very quickly. Furthermore, the Hillbilly’s Chainsaw can down a Survivor in one hit. The Chainsaw takes a few seconds to rev up and also makes turning very difficult. The Hillbilly also carries a Sledgehammer as their primary weapon.

The  Nurse

The Nurse is the newest class in the lineup. The Nurse is able to charge up a Teleport (the range depending on how long they charge the Breath). After Teleporting, there is a short time they can do two more Short Blinks chained together. After Teleporting, Chain Blinks or not, the Killer is stunned. The Nurse carries a Bonesaw as their weapon.

What I Like

  • I like how the game is generally balanced for both sides (note: generally)
  • I like how, even when hooked, Survivors have a chance to survive (either by RNG or other Survivors rescuing them)
  • I like how the game makes you level up. You earn points to level up for doing certain things (like helping teammates as a Survivor gets you Altruism points) which give you incentive to do them.

What I Think Ruins the Game

Infinite Vault Spots – In order to get away from the Killer, Survivors are able to Vault over certain obstacles (and can do this faster than the Killer). HOWEVER there are some areas on certain maps where there are 2 or more Vault Spots right next to each other. Survivors can abuse this and (unless you’re the Trapper) the Killer can’t do a fucking thing about it except hope the Survivor makes a mistake. It is soooooo Goddamn annoying. And being forced to stick to one particular class in order to avoid it is bullshit.

Body Camping Killers – Ugh… When a Survivor is hooked, their teammates have a chance to save them or luck out with RNG. But, if the Killer decides to Body Camp you. You’re fucked. Straight up. You are fucked. No Survivor is going to go near you while that killer is there and, even if RNGesus is on your side, the Killer will just whack you once and put you right back on that hook. This is the only game ruining thing that is (in my opinion) somewhat balanced. Because, if a Killer decides to Body Camp, I just say fuck it and start working on Generators (as does everybody else). Then more Generators get solved and the team benefits (putting the Killer at a disadvantage for Body Camping). I myself would not resort to Body Camping unless I had downed someone who abused the shit out of Infinite Vault Spots (because Karma’s a bitch). If I do down someone like that, then I don’t want them to run free. Imma fuck their day cause they deserve it.

Frequently Loud Survivors – When a Survivor is injured, they will begin to make loud noises (making it easier for the killer to track them). This is fine. Understandable. They’ve just been injured so of course they wouldn’t be silent. The problems are simply these. They are waaaay too loud and make noises waaaay too often. Like seriously, Injured Survivors will make noise every 7-8 seconds and they are so loud that you can hear them from very far away. Another thing… When a Survivor is in a Closet used for hiding, even if they are not injured, they will make the exact same frequent loud noises. And that is ridiculous.

The Memento Mori Offerings – Holy shit… These Offerings are the fucking worst. There are 2 different Memento Mori Offerings: The Ivory Memento Mori and the Ebony Memento Mori. The Ivory Memento Mori allows the killer to kill one Survivor INSTANTLY without hanging them on a hook. Then there’s the Ebony Memento Mori which allows them to kill ALL SURVIVORS INSTANTLY without hanging them on a hook. Not only that, but these Offerings are Secret (meaning they are not revealed at the start of the round). This means that, once you inevitably notice that a teammate died without being hooked, you have no way of knowing whether or not they have the Ivory one or the much worse Ebony one. The only Solace that can be taken from this is that Offerings are used up upon usage and they are also incredibly rare. But my God these make the game so unbalanced. The fact that the Killer has to hook a Survivor in order to kill them is a fair game mechanic. This is because it gives the Survivor a chance to escape and carry on (it will usually also slow down other Survivors if they choose to help). As well as that, it also gives Survivors time to fix Generators if the Killer is a Body Camper. Again Balanced (sort of). But with these Offerings (especially the Ebony Memento Mori) it’s just instant death. The Killer doesn’t have to go through any trouble to hang you or waste time doing it either. They can just kill you there and then. And you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Balancing the Bullshit

There are very simple ways to fix these problems. Like seriously. Simple. I mean for fuck’s sakes, I was able to think of them so how are the Game Devs struggling?

How to Fix Infinite Vault Spots

There are one of three ways that I can see these getting fixed:

  • Removing Vaulting entirely. I personally like the idea of Vaulting so I’d keep it in so… This is the lowest on the list of recommendations.
  • Integrating some kind of Stamina system for Survivors. This would make it so that Survivors tire out after Sprinting long distances. It wouldn’t get rid of the Vault Spots but it’ll make them harder for survivors to use.
  • Finally, Making certain Vault Spots Breakable. Again, not a bad idea. Some Vault Spots look easily breakable in game so why not right?

How to Fix Body Camping Killers

In my personal opinion, Body Camping Killers are already fairly balanced (as the Killer has consequences for doing it). But if any one thing had to be done, I’d give the Killer a Penalty for hanging around in the general area of a hanging survivor. For example: if the killer spent a certain amount of time (maybe like a minute or so) inside a circle around the hook, they get slowed down for the rest of the game or something. This means that if the Killer still wants to Body Camp, they have to be away from the hook (giving other Survivors a chance to swoop in and save them.

How to Fix Frequently Loud Survivors

Make the Noises completely random but keep them just as audible. Then, make it so that a random Skill Check pops up whenever a Survivor is about to make noise. If passes, the Survivor Stifles themselves. If failed, the Survivor makes a loud noise that gives the Killer an indicator. Simple and fair. Same goes for closets while injured BUT if they aren’t injured then no Skill Checks and no noise (cause it’s bullshit).

How to Fix the Memento Mori Offerings

Get. Rid. Of. Them.

If you Game Devs really want to keep it (for some insane reason) then here’s a way to make it fair.

Make it so that the instant kill can only be used if the Survivor would instantly die if they were hooked. This way, it only saves the Killer the time it would take to get to a Hook and it can no longer be used instantly. That being said, I also think that this next idea should be implemented on top of that. I think that the Offerings should also have a chance of failing. This is because a Survivor free themselves from the Killer’s grasp while being carried. I think that if the ability could only be used one single time on a downed person and if that person gets downed again, it resets. This means that if the Killer fails it and the Survivor escapes and gets downed again, the Killer can try again to use the ability.

Welp, that’s all from me. Overall, I think that Dead By Daylight is a Game that is both unique and has great potential. That being said, some of the issues that I have pointed out (like Infinite Vault Spots) are things that you’d expect to be fixed during the first couple of weeks of the game being released. If the Game Devs don’t do something to fix them then this game is just going to become wasted potential.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Be sure to leave a comment with your opinion. Feel free to tell me if you think I missed something.

Thanks for reading!

Character Bio: Sora

(Contains spoliers for most of the KH series. You have been warned)

Name: Sora

Age: 15 (Kingdom Hearts 2)

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts (2002)


  • Able to wield a Keyblade, the most powerful weapon of all
  • Very skilled in swordplay and magic
  • Has multiple ‘Drive Forms’ that further enhance his abilities


  • While very skilled, Sora is still only a teenager
  • Very hot-headed
  • Is not very intelligent


Sora grew up on the Destiny Islands alongside his friends Riku and Kairi (also Selphie, Tidus and Wakka from Final Fantasy). When Kairi showed up on the islands one day, Sora and Riku began to think that there were many other worlds and wanted to explore them. They spent time building a raft together and playing around on the island until, one day, calamity ensued.

A cloaked man ‘connected’ the world of Destiny Island. Riku learned of a way to travel to other worlds using the power of darkness. When Sora tried to follow him, he was almost swallowed by the darkness. But then, at the last moment, a giant key appeared in Sora’s hands. Sora used this key to fight off dark creatures (that he would later learn are called ‘Heartless’)

After fighting a giant Heartless known as a ‘Darkside’ Sora found himself in a new world called ‘Traverse Town.’ It was there that he learned that he was the chosen wielder of the Keyblade. It was then that he met Donald and Goofy (from disney). Since then, Sora, Donald and Goofy (In that order) have been on a quest to save all worlds from people who try to misuse a power known as ‘Kingdom Hearts’ (WOO NAMEDROP!).


  • Has a multitude of Keyblades at his disposal (this list will be dedicated to naming all of them… Just so that I don’t kill myself in the process of naming them all KH2 only!)
  • Kingdom Key: Strength: 1, Magic: 3, Ability: Damage Control (Raises defence at critical moments)
  • Star-Seeker: Strength: 3, Magic: 1, Ability: Air Combo Plus (Increases air combo by 1)
  • Hidden Dragon: Strength: 2, Magic: 2, Ability: MP Rage (Restores MP relative to the amount of damage taken)
  • Hero’s Crest: Strength: 4, Magic: 0, Ability: Air Combo Boost (Increases damage of the finishing move relative to the number of hits in the aerial combo)
  • Monochrome: Strength: 3, Magic: 2, Ability: Item Boost (Increases the effect of restorative items in the field by 50% (Stacks))
  • Follow The Wind: Strength: 3, Magic: 1, Ability: Draw (Draws in nearby orbs)
  • Circle Of Life: Strength: 4, Magic: 1, Ability: MP Haste (Increases the speed of MP restoration during MP Charge by 25% (Stacks))
  • Photon Debugger: Strength: 3, Magic: 2, Ability: Thunder Boost (Increases damage done by thunder-based attacks by 20% (Stacks))
  • Oathkeeper: Strength: 3, Magic: 3, Ability: Form Boost (Increases the duration of a Drive Form)
  • Rumbling Rose: Strength: 5, Magic: 0, Ability: Finishing Plus (Allows combo finishers to be performed successively)
  • Guardian Soul: Strength: 5, Magic: 1, Ability: Reaction Boost (Increases the damage dealt by Reaction Commands by 50% (Stacks))
  • Wishing Lamp: Strength: 4, Magic: 3, Ability: Jackpot (Increases the drop-rate of Munny, HP and MP orbs)
  • Decisive Pumpkin: Strength: 6, Magic: 1, Ability: Combo Boost
  • Mysterious Abyss: Strength: 3, Magic: 3, Ability: Blizzard Boost
  • Gull Wing: Strength: 3, Magic: 0, Ability: Experience Boost (Increases the amount of EXP gained when defeating an enemy at a critical moment by 100%)
  • Sleeping Lion: Strength: 5, Magic: 3, Ability: Combo Plus (Increases maximum ground combo by 1)
  • Sweet Memories: Strength: 0, Magic: 4, Ability: Drive Converter (Increases the drop rate of Drive Orbs in place of Munny)
  • Bond of Flame: Strength: 4, Magic: 4, Ability: Fire Boost
  • Two Became One: Strength: 5, Magic: 4, Ability: Light And Darkness (Only allows the usage of Anti Form and Final Form)
  • Fatal Crest: Strength: 3, Magic: 5, Ability: Berserk Charge (Allows you to perform unlimited combos during MP Charge)
  • Oblivion: Strength: 6, Magic: 2, Ability: Drive Boost (Reduces recharge for the Drive Gauge during MP Charge)
  • Fenrir: Strength: 7, Magic: 1, Ability: Negative Combo (Reduces your maximum combos by 1)
  • Ultima Weapon: Strength: 6, Magic: 3, Ability: MP Hastega (Increases MP Restoration Speed during MP Charge by 75% (Stacks))

(Huff, huff… Fucking finally!)

As well as the 22 Keyblades listed above, Sora can also use multiple ‘Drive Forms’ that have various effects.

Drive Forms: (Note that Sora has a maximum of 9 Drive Gauges)

  • Valor Form: Requires Sora to fuse with Goofy and 3 Drive Gauges. Allows Sora to use the ability ‘Synch Blade’ (allowing him to wield 2 Keyblades simultaneously and gain the abilities of both keyblades). Valor Form specialises in physical combat. Sora cannot cast spells while in the Form. Also grants Sora the High Jump ability. This Drive Form is leveled up based on the number of hits dealt while in Valor Form.
  • Wisdom Form: Requires Sora to fuse with Donald and 3 Drive Gauges. Allows Sora to float across the ground as if he were on a skateboard. Sora can use a single Keyblade to ‘shoot’ enemies with magical bullets. Also allows Sora to cast spells while in motion. Sora cannot physically attack while in Wisdom Form. Also grants Sora the Quick Run ability. This Drive Form is leveled up based on the number of Heartless defeated while in this form.
  • Limit Form: Requires 4 Drive Gauges but can be activated alone. Allows Sora to use certain abilities from KH1 (Strike Raid, Sonic Blade, Ars Arcanum and Ragnarok) which are now called Limits and cost MP to use. Thanks to the HP Gain ability, successfully landing hits with a Limit will also allow Sora to heal. Sora cannot use convebtional spells while in Limit Form. Also Grants Sora the Dodge Roll ability. This Drive Form is leveled up based on the number of Limits used in battle.
  • Master Form: Requires Sora to fuse with 2 Party Members and 5 Drive Gauges. Specialises in both Physical and Magical attacks. Grants Sora the Synch Blade ability (Note that one Keyblade is wielded through telekinesis). Considered to be a combination of the Valor and Wisdom Forms. Also Grants Sora the Aerial Dodge ability. This Drive Form is leveled up based on the number of Drive Orbs collected while in this Form (Small orbs are worth 1 EXP and big orbs are worth 3 EXP)
  • Final Form: Requires Sora to fuse with 2 Party Members and 6 Drive Gauges. Allows Sora to access his FULL POWER. Grants Sora the Synch Blade ability (Note that both Keyblades are wielded through telekinesis). Grants Sora the Glide ability. This Drive Form is leveled up based on the number of Nobodies defeated while in this Form.
  • Anti Form: Unlike other Forms, this form cannot be activated normally. It activates almost completely at random when selecting another Drive Form. Is essentially a punishment for overusing Drive Forms. When a Drive Form is activated, Sora gains an Anti-Counter. The more Anti-Counters Sora has, the more likely he is to transform into Anti Form. Sora is also more likely to transform into Anti Form during certain Boss Fights. While in this Form, Sora’s speed is dramatically increased. However, while in this Form, Sora cannot: Cast Spells, Guard, use the Keyblade, use Reaction Commands and Sora cannot heal in any way. Furthermore, Anti Form consumes the entire Drive Gauge and both Party Members. To top it off, unlike other Forms, Sora cannot exit this Form until the Drive Gauge has completely drained. This renders Sora vulnerable. This is the only Form that cannot level up and doesn’t grant a Growth ability.


  • Managed to beat ‘Ansem’ (Xehanort’s Heartless) and save all worlds
  • Managed to beat Xemnas (Xehanort’s Nobody and leader of Organization XIII)
  • Managed to beat Sephiroth (Twice)
  • Managed to beat Cloud Strife, Yuffie, Tifa Lockhart and Squall Leonhart (Known as Leon in the KH series) all at once
  • Managed to beat the Lingering Will of Terra (From KH BBS)


In short, whenever there is trouble, you can count on Sora to be there and fight against the odds. Sora will always fight for what is right and to help his friends.

That’s not true! The heart may be weak and sometimes it may even give in. But I’ve learned that deep down, there’s a light that never goes out! Sora (Kingdom Hearts 1 2002)

I hope you enjoyed reading my second Character Bio! Please be sure to tell me if I missed anything and I’ll be sure to add it in. Also, if you have any requests for who I should do in the next Character Bio, please leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading!


Character Bio: Solid Snake

(This post contains spoilers for most of the MG/S series. If you want to complete the games yourself I’d advise against reading this)

Name: David

Age: 42 (As of Metal Gear Solid 4)

Codename: Solid Snake

Known Aliases: Iroquois Pliskin (Metal Gear Solid 2), Old Snake (Metal Gear Solid 4), Legendary Hero, The Man Who Makes The Impossible Possible

First Apperance: Metal Gear (1987)


  • Very skilled at hand to hand combat due to training in a special martial art style known as CQC (Close Quarters Combat).
  • Able to use just about any weapon he comes across.
  • Is a master of espionage.
  • Is in almost peak physical condition.
  • Is fluent in 6 different languages.
  • Has an IQ of 180.


  • Is only human, one well-placed shot or stab will kill him as well as it would anyone else.
  • A mixture of Nano-Machines and Cloning have caused Snake to physically age rapidly (though he is only 42, he physically appears to be about 70 years old).
  • As previously mentioned, Snake’s body has rapidly aged, this has caused Snake to suffer from heart problems from time to time.
  • Was injected with a Retrovirus known as FOXDIE before the Shadow Moses Incident in 2005 by Dr Naomi Hunter. This virus will kill Snake one day but we are unsure of when.


Snake was cloned from the genes of the world’s greatest soldier Big Boss. Snake and one another child that was cloned were given the ‘weaker genes’ in order to allow their brother to gain the ‘solider genes’. This was done to make their brother the perfect soldier. The program was called ‘Les Enfant Terribles’ (Translation: The Terrible Children).

Snake joined the Green Berets and then the CIA. His skill in the field had not gone unnoticed so he was later inducted into the high-tech special forces group called FOXHOUND.

Snake received training from Big Boss (the man he was cloned from). Big Boss trained Snake in the art of CQC himself.

Snake’s first mission for FOXHOUND is shown in Metal Gear. It was supposed to be a simple infiltration mission. Supposed to be… But then Snake learned that the facility he had infiltrated contained a bipedal tank capable of launching a nuclear warhead from any location in the world. It was called ‘Metal Gear’ (“Did someone say Metal Gear?”     “(Sigh) Yes David, I said Metal Gear” “METAL GEAR!”). Compulsory Metal Gear joke aside, Snake managed to destroy the Metal Gear and discovered that Big Boss was the one in charge of the facility. He had supposedly killed Big Boss… But not really.

Since then, whenever a Metal Gear popped up, Snake would always be there at the forefront. Snake had even made an anti Metal Gear organisation known as ‘Philanthropy’ with the aid of his friend Hal Emmerich (AKA Otacon).


  • Octocamo (a special suit that allows Snake to blend in with whatever surface he is up against.
  • Solid Eye (an eyepatch that is equipped Night Vision, Thermal Vision and Active Sonar. It can also provide information on heavy artillary, track footprints and show a person’s physical and emotional state. Also works as a corrective lens for far-sightedness)
  • Mine detector
  • Magazines (For ‘distracting’ the enemy)
  • Metal Gear MK II/I (Created and piloted by Otacon. A compact verson of the Metal Gears that has stealth camo and a shocker. Used for recon)
  • Ruger Mk II Pistol (Equipped with a built-in Suppressor, Laser Sight and the bolt is locked in place. Almost completely silent. Single-shot weapon that uses tranquilizer rounds. Non-leathal.
  • SA 1911 Operator (.45 Handgun equipped with a Removable Silencer and Flashlight. Lethal.
  • M4 Custom (A fully automatic assault rifle with multiple attachments. Attachments: Scope, Removable Suppressor, XM320 (Underbarrel Grenade Launcher), Masterkey (Underbarrel Shotgun), Foregrip, Laser Sight and Flashlight. Note: only one underbarrel attachment can be used at a time).
  • Stun Knife (A Combat Knife with built-in stun capabilities. Can generate an electric shock on par with a stun gun. Can be used in Lethal and Non-Lethal takedowns.
  • Grenades
  • Any other usable weapon that Snake can find in the field
  • A Cardboard Box (…No really, a cardboard box. There’s nothing special about it… It’s just a fucking box)
  • Cigarettes (Snake always manages to sneak these onto his missions somehow. While they do deplete his health, they are quite helpful for finding laser traps)
  • Bandana (Gives Snake infinite ammo… When you’re not playing as him)


  • Has single handedly destroyed numerous Metal Gears
  • Was able to single-handedly destroy a tank with nothing but grenades
  • Was able to defeat his genetically superior brothers (Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake)
  • Once defeated Big Boss with nothing but an Aerosol Can and a Lighter
  • Managed to wield a Man-Portable Railgun (For those who don’t know a Railgun is a device which employs electromagnetic induction to fire. Despite the fact that it is Man-Portable, the recoil of a weapon like this would be about the same as picking up and firing a Tank Turret)
  • Managed to travel through a corridor filled with microwaves… No not the machine the… The actual waves (A normal person’s skin would deteriorate in mere seconds while snake lasted about 3 minutes while traversing the corridor)
  • Once piloted a Metal Gear REX to destroy a Metal Gear RAY (a Metal Gear designed to destroy other Metal Gears)
  • Several other feats of Badassery in general


In short, there’s a reason why Solid Snake is known as The Man Who Can Make The Impossible Possible. Snake as demonstrated on multiple occasions the sheer power of having the will to survive and has not failed to foil the plans any villain he’s come across. No matter what the odds are, Snake will always find some way to pull through and save the day. He deserves his title of Legendary Hero (even if he, himself doesn’t consider himself a hero).

“I am a shadow, one that no light will ever shine upon. As long as you follow me, you will never see the day” – Old Snake (MGS4)

If you think I left out something important then please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment. Tell me what you think about this Bio while you’re at it! Also, if you want me to make a Character Bio about someone else, then tell me who and I’ll do some research!

Thanks for reading!

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Please note that this is a work of fiction and that any relation to any real person, living or dead, is purely coincidental (always wanted to say that… Almost like I’m a real writer huh? Are you proud of me momma!?)

Have you ever forgotten something? If you have, you’ll know that you don’t just remember randomly. You remember right as the thing you’ve forgotten would have been a benefit to you. For example: if you forget your keys, you’ll remember when you’re about to unlock your door and you don’t have your keys. But if someone was home and your door was unlocked, you may never realise that you forgot your keys that day.

Well I’m about to give you my story. It’s a story about: routine, memory and bad luck. A deadly combination no? Well luckily I’m still alive so… Maybe not THAT lethal… But still pretty fucking deadly man. But this day, more than any other, made me want to raise my middle finger to the sky and say these three immortal words:

Fuck. My. Life.

It has been about 13 years since I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (or OCD for short). I am a 27 year old man, stable job and an even stabler routine. I LOVE routine. This is apparently why I have OCD… But why? Routine is something that makes life safer… If my routine prepares me for everything then… What can go wrong right?

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… K? I don’t have OCD. I’m just unlucky. The reason I love routine as much as I do is because then I know what’s gonna happen. And for anything unexpected, I’m ready for it. That way, if my luck (or lack thereof) ever tries to dick me over, I’m ready for it. If there is ever a day where I don’t follow my routine EXACTLY then I’ll spend that day in fear.

I have my daily routine written on my bedroom door (not that I’ll ever forget it). Here it is:

  1. Put my phone in my bag
  2. Check the batteries in the smoke detector on the way downstairs
  3. Make sure I have my wallet and keys
  4. Make sure to set the burglar alarm before leaving
  5. Check the car’s tire pressure
  6. Check the amount of petrol is in the car
  7. Check that the brakes are working
  8. Drive to work (make sure the car is locked)
  9. At lunchtime, double check to see that the car is locked
  10. Once work is done, re-do steps 5, 6 and 7 before driving home
  11. Once home, place phone on charge

And that is my routine. Pretty self-explanatory right? A lot of people wondered why I do this every day and my friends told them that I have OCD… Some of them laughed… Fuck those people. Not only is it not OCD but I just care about my safety. What’s so funny about that?

Anyway, back to the story. This is what happened today.

So I wake up to my alarm (which is on my phone) and turn it off. I check my phone’s battery. 47%… (Shit. The charger’s acting up again… Better get a new one on the way home… I’ll stop by that computer place.) These are mental notes I make to myself. I can still remember all of them and I’ll have them in brackets for your viewing pleasure.

(In the meantime I better put this on charge)

(Alright, time to check the smoke detector.) I press the button to make the smoke detector beep, so I know it’s working. ~Click~ ~Silence~

(Well great. Now I have to change the batteries) I continued into the kitchen to find some replacement batteries. (… You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. None. Not even one battery. Yay for me. Another stop on the way home.)

At that point the day was off to a fantastic start so I started eating breakfast and left…(Alright, burglar alarm? Check! The first thing to go well today!) I moved to my car. (Tires? Check.) I start the car. (Petrol? Running a little low… I’ll stop on the way to work for that).

Once I had gotten to work it was the same as usual: get out, make sure the car was locked and get working. At lunchtime, I got out and made sure it was locked again and got back to work as soon as I’d finished eating.

I was in the middle of driving home. My day was going pretty well. (All things considered, I’d call this day another success!)

But… There was this nagging feeling in the back of my head… I felt… Strange. (… Backtracking mental notes. Am I missing something?) I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was bugging me.

I continued basking in my routine for the rest of the day and went to bed at exactly 11:00 PM.

I awoke at about 2:50 AM… To the smell of smoke. (Is something burning? Did I leave the stove on? No I always check before I go to bed. Whatever it is it stinks. Maybe a gas leak?) I got out of bed and immediately saw that my room was filling with smoke. I coughed and gasped for air.

I wondered how this could have happened. (What the shit? How? The smoke detector should have… Should… Have…) That’s when it hit me.

I’ll ask you again…

Have you ever forgotten something? If you have, you’ll know that you don’t just remember randomly. You remember right as the thing you’ve forgotten would have been a benefit to you.

I forgot to get batteries on the way home. The smoke detectors batteries were still dead. It was a change in the routine.

I had always planned for this situation. There’s a small platform outside of my bedroom that I can land on by climbing out my window. I had practiced many times before. I climb out, drop onto the platform and then lower myself to the ground.

I grabbed my phone and checked for flames before following the escape plan. I then went to switch on my phone… Nothing.

(What? Why? It was just… On… Charge.) It hit me again.

Again: have you ever forgotten something? If you have, you’ll know that you don’t just remember randomly. You remember right as the thing you’ve forgotten would have been a benefit to you.

I forgot to buy that new charger. That’s why my phone wasn’t turning on… it’s battery was dead. It was a change in the routine.

I had later managed to call the firefighters with the help of my neighbours. It took a lot longer to call them though. There wasn’t much left when the firefighters finally arrived.

It was… A change… In the routine.

Once more… for the visually impaired…

Have you ever forgotten something? If you have, you’ll know that you don’t just remember randomly. You remember right as the thing you’ve forgotten would have been a benefit to you.

I’ve been itching to write something for the past month or so, so I decided to stop posting for 2 weeks and plan out a little story. What you see is the fruit of my labour. I’d appreciate any criticism on my writing (just try to keep it constructive).

Again note that nothing in this story is true or based on true events… Except for the OCD… Jury’s still out on that one…

Hope this makes up for 2 weeks of not posting! Thanks for reading!