Dead By Daylight

Now some may recall that I made a blog post about Dead By Daylight in the past. It was about how random the game could be and how that random factor translated into fear. This post however will be a general review of the game as it is now. Note that everything you read here is purely my opinion and facts that back them up.

The Survivor’s Objectives:

The Survivors (of which there are typically 4) must work together to repair a total of 5 Generators (4 if there are fewer than 4 survivors) then open and escape through one of the 2 Exit Doors. Furthermore, if there is only one Survivor left and at least 2 Generators have been repaired a Trapdoor will open up that a Survivor can also escape through.

The Survivors can also carry 4 different pieces of equipment (but only one at a time). These pieces of equipment include: A Toolbox, A Medkit, A Flashlight and A Map.

The Toolbox

The Toolbox allows a Survivor to repair Generators and Sabotage Traps faster. It also allows Survivors to Sabotage the killer’s hooks (except the ones in the Basement).

The Medkit

The Medkit allows Survivors to heal each other at a faster rate. It also allows Survivors to perform a Self Heal.

The Flashlight

Despite what you might think, the Flashlight is not used for lighting your way (it can be used for that, but the incredibly short battery life makes it very impractical). Instead, it can be use to blind the killer for a few seconds. This can be done by shining the Flashlight directly into their eyes.

The Map

The Map can be used to show the location of every Generator in the area… And nothing else.

The Killer’s Objectives:

The Killer must track down and kill at least 1 Survivor in order to win. However, the Killer will get more Blood Points (this will be explained later) if they kill multiple Survivors. There are 4 different types of Killer in the game currently (again these will be covered later). The killer carries one main weapon that will put a Survivor into a crawling state with 2 attacks.

As I previously stated, there are 4 types of Killer: The Trapper, The Wraith, The Hillbilly and (most recently) The Nurse.

The Trapper

Considered by many to be the most basic class. The Trapper sets traps which Survivors can get caught in if they are not careful. Once caught, Survivors will attempt to escape (with RNG deciding whether or not they succeed). Alternatively they can get saved by another Survivor. The Trapper can also get caught in these traps and get slowed down for a few seconds. The Trapper can only carry one trap at a time and these traps can also get sabotaged by Survivors. The Trapper wields a Meat Cleaver as their weapon.

The Wraith

The Wraith is a Killer that has the ability to Cloak and Uncloak himself at will. While Cloaked, The Wraith moves slightly faster and is ‘Invisible’ (in quotation marks because The Wraith shimmers while  Cloaked). Furthermore, while the Wraith is Cloaked, the Survivors will not hear the Heartbeat sound that plays when the Killer approaches. However, being Cloaked does have its drawbacks. For example, the Killer cannot interact with anything while Cloaked and Uncloaking takes a few seconds. The Wraith carries a Staff as their weapon

The Hillbilly

The hillbilly is the only killer with a secondary weapon. This weapon is a chainsaw. While using the Chainsaw, the Hillbilly can Sprint over long distances very quickly. Furthermore, the Hillbilly’s Chainsaw can down a Survivor in one hit. The Chainsaw takes a few seconds to rev up and also makes turning very difficult. The Hillbilly also carries a Sledgehammer as their primary weapon.

The  Nurse

The Nurse is the newest class in the lineup. The Nurse is able to charge up a Teleport (the range depending on how long they charge the Breath). After Teleporting, there is a short time they can do two more Short Blinks chained together. After Teleporting, Chain Blinks or not, the Killer is stunned. The Nurse carries a Bonesaw as their weapon.

What I Like

  • I like how the game is generally balanced for both sides (note: generally)
  • I like how, even when hooked, Survivors have a chance to survive (either by RNG or other Survivors rescuing them)
  • I like how the game makes you level up. You earn points to level up for doing certain things (like helping teammates as a Survivor gets you Altruism points) which give you incentive to do them.

What I Think Ruins the Game

Infinite Vault Spots – In order to get away from the Killer, Survivors are able to Vault over certain obstacles (and can do this faster than the Killer). HOWEVER there are some areas on certain maps where there are 2 or more Vault Spots right next to each other. Survivors can abuse this and (unless you’re the Trapper) the Killer can’t do a fucking thing about it except hope the Survivor makes a mistake. It is soooooo Goddamn annoying. And being forced to stick to one particular class in order to avoid it is bullshit.

Body Camping Killers – Ugh… When a Survivor is hooked, their teammates have a chance to save them or luck out with RNG. But, if the Killer decides to Body Camp you. You’re fucked. Straight up. You are fucked. No Survivor is going to go near you while that killer is there and, even if RNGesus is on your side, the Killer will just whack you once and put you right back on that hook. This is the only game ruining thing that is (in my opinion) somewhat balanced. Because, if a Killer decides to Body Camp, I just say fuck it and start working on Generators (as does everybody else). Then more Generators get solved and the team benefits (putting the Killer at a disadvantage for Body Camping). I myself would not resort to Body Camping unless I had downed someone who abused the shit out of Infinite Vault Spots (because Karma’s a bitch). If I do down someone like that, then I don’t want them to run free. Imma fuck their day cause they deserve it.

Frequently Loud Survivors – When a Survivor is injured, they will begin to make loud noises (making it easier for the killer to track them). This is fine. Understandable. They’ve just been injured so of course they wouldn’t be silent. The problems are simply these. They are waaaay too loud and make noises waaaay too often. Like seriously, Injured Survivors will make noise every 7-8 seconds and they are so loud that you can hear them from very far away. Another thing… When a Survivor is in a Closet used for hiding, even if they are not injured, they will make the exact same frequent loud noises. And that is ridiculous.

The Memento Mori Offerings – Holy shit… These Offerings are the fucking worst. There are 2 different Memento Mori Offerings: The Ivory Memento Mori and the Ebony Memento Mori. The Ivory Memento Mori allows the killer to kill one Survivor INSTANTLY without hanging them on a hook. Then there’s the Ebony Memento Mori which allows them to kill ALL SURVIVORS INSTANTLY without hanging them on a hook. Not only that, but these Offerings are Secret (meaning they are not revealed at the start of the round). This means that, once you inevitably notice that a teammate died without being hooked, you have no way of knowing whether or not they have the Ivory one or the much worse Ebony one. The only Solace that can be taken from this is that Offerings are used up upon usage and they are also incredibly rare. But my God these make the game so unbalanced. The fact that the Killer has to hook a Survivor in order to kill them is a fair game mechanic. This is because it gives the Survivor a chance to escape and carry on (it will usually also slow down other Survivors if they choose to help). As well as that, it also gives Survivors time to fix Generators if the Killer is a Body Camper. Again Balanced (sort of). But with these Offerings (especially the Ebony Memento Mori) it’s just instant death. The Killer doesn’t have to go through any trouble to hang you or waste time doing it either. They can just kill you there and then. And you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Balancing the Bullshit

There are very simple ways to fix these problems. Like seriously. Simple. I mean for fuck’s sakes, I was able to think of them so how are the Game Devs struggling?

How to Fix Infinite Vault Spots

There are one of three ways that I can see these getting fixed:

  • Removing Vaulting entirely. I personally like the idea of Vaulting so I’d keep it in so… This is the lowest on the list of recommendations.
  • Integrating some kind of Stamina system for Survivors. This would make it so that Survivors tire out after Sprinting long distances. It wouldn’t get rid of the Vault Spots but it’ll make them harder for survivors to use.
  • Finally, Making certain Vault Spots Breakable. Again, not a bad idea. Some Vault Spots look easily breakable in game so why not right?

How to Fix Body Camping Killers

In my personal opinion, Body Camping Killers are already fairly balanced (as the Killer has consequences for doing it). But if any one thing had to be done, I’d give the Killer a Penalty for hanging around in the general area of a hanging survivor. For example: if the killer spent a certain amount of time (maybe like a minute or so) inside a circle around the hook, they get slowed down for the rest of the game or something. This means that if the Killer still wants to Body Camp, they have to be away from the hook (giving other Survivors a chance to swoop in and save them.

How to Fix Frequently Loud Survivors

Make the Noises completely random but keep them just as audible. Then, make it so that a random Skill Check pops up whenever a Survivor is about to make noise. If passes, the Survivor Stifles themselves. If failed, the Survivor makes a loud noise that gives the Killer an indicator. Simple and fair. Same goes for closets while injured BUT if they aren’t injured then no Skill Checks and no noise (cause it’s bullshit).

How to Fix the Memento Mori Offerings

Get. Rid. Of. Them.

If you Game Devs really want to keep it (for some insane reason) then here’s a way to make it fair.

Make it so that the instant kill can only be used if the Survivor would instantly die if they were hooked. This way, it only saves the Killer the time it would take to get to a Hook and it can no longer be used instantly. That being said, I also think that this next idea should be implemented on top of that. I think that the Offerings should also have a chance of failing. This is because a Survivor free themselves from the Killer’s grasp while being carried. I think that if the ability could only be used one single time on a downed person and if that person gets downed again, it resets. This means that if the Killer fails it and the Survivor escapes and gets downed again, the Killer can try again to use the ability.

Welp, that’s all from me. Overall, I think that Dead By Daylight is a Game that is both unique and has great potential. That being said, some of the issues that I have pointed out (like Infinite Vault Spots) are things that you’d expect to be fixed during the first couple of weeks of the game being released. If the Game Devs don’t do something to fix them then this game is just going to become wasted potential.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Be sure to leave a comment with your opinion. Feel free to tell me if you think I missed something.

Thanks for reading!

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