Character Bio: Sans The Skeleton

(This post contains spoilers for Undertale. If you plan to play this game then I’d advise you to finish it first and then read this. Oh, and you’re welcome Alex)

(Oh, and I’m trying out something new in this post. Anything that is in italics will have a definition for those who may not know what the word or phrase means)

Name: Sans The Skeleton

Known Aliases: Smiley Trashbag, Sansy

Age: ???

First Appearance: Undertale (though some would say Earthbound… I don’t)


  • Is very fast and difficult to hit
  • Can ignore the player’s Invincibility Frames
  • Can launch a constant barrage of magical attacks
  • Can do a large quantity of damage over time
  • Has the unique ability to sense when the player RESETS


  • Only has 1 HP and 1 Def (meaning 1 attack is all that’s needed to kill him)
  • Only has 1 ATK (meaning his normal attacks only do 1 damage)
  • Is very lazy and gets tired very easily
  • While Sans is capable of sensing when the player RESETS, he does not retain memories of what happened prior to the RESET.
  • His name is a reference to the font Comic Sans. This is also what font his dialogue is in. Such a cruel fate…


Not much is known about Sans’s past. All that we know is what the Shopkeeper in Snowdin tells you: that he and his brother (Papyrus) suddenly showed up in Snowdin one day and asserted themselves. Since that day, Sans and Papyrus have been hunting for any humans that appear.

We also know that Sans is a very talented comedian (despite his brother’s opinion). Sans had apparently been practicing knock knock jokes on the door to the ruins and met Toriel in the process. Toriel one day asked Sans to guide the next human who came through the door (Frisk). Sans promised to do so. However, in the Genocide Route, Sans betrays this promise and reveals that he doesn’t like making promises.

Near the end of the Pacifist Route, if the player has already read Sans’ speech, Sans will notice this and tell you a secret Codeword (I am the Legendary Fartmaster) that you must RESET to deliver. When you do, he gives you the key to his room. Once there… He will prank you… Yay… BUT! If you search his room then you should come across a Silver Key that opens the door to Sans’ Workshop (That’s hidden behind their house).

There are 4 items in Sans’ Workshop: A Badge, an Album (with pictures of Sans and several other people Frisk doesn’t recognise), a Blueprint of a machine that is written in strange symbols (believed to be Wingdings (reference to W.D Gaster)) and a Machine that is hidden away behind a curtain (which also appears to be broken). Furthermore, if the game has been competed with ANY ending, there will also be a card with a poorly drawn picture of 3 people that says ‘Never Forget’.

Many people have tried to Link Earthbound and Undertale by saying that Sans is Ness. They claim that the Badge is a reference to the Franklin Badge, that the Broken Machine is the Phase Distorter and that the Album is all the pictures taken of Ness and his friends. There is a lot of evidence against this and several people have already shown how unlikely this theory is So I’m not gonna waste my time (I got better things to do like… Um… Uh… Fuck). Anyway, I do not personally believe that Sans could possibly be Ness.


Shortcuts – Sans is able to travel quickly or teleport through what he calls Shortcuts. I say teleport because he has been known to take Shortcuts through solid walls.

Gaster Blasters – Some sort of device that resembles a skull (it also kinda looks like the DT Extractor from the True Lab). This device is capable of firing some kind of laser beam.

Bones – …What? What more do you want me to say? He takes Bones and uses magic to throw them towards enemies. I don’t know what more I can say here.

Gravity – Sans is able to change the effect of gravity on an enemies SOUL… In Undertale, when you’re being attacked, your SOUL is put into a little box where you try to dodge the attacks (or block them in Undyne’s case). Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know.

Selection Screen Fuckery (Aptly named by TheTerminologyTitan) – An ability that is unique to Sans. This ability allows Sans to attack his enemy while they are still selecting what they are doing in the Selection Screen

Karmic Retribution – An ability that is unique to Sans. This ability determines how much damage is dealt to an enemy over time. The more EXP that an enemy has, the more damage it does.

Hacker Detection – Sans can notice if someone has hacked the game or messed with the code. For example, if the player reached an impossible ending in the Neutral Route.


  • Fought against Chara (or Frisk or whatever the fuck you named your character) despite knowing full well that victory was impossible
  • Has been the source of many internet memes… Seriously, I’m not kidding
  • Has managed to confuse the hell out of the internet… As difficult as that can be


In short, not much is known about the origins of Sans and his brother Papyrus. All we know is that he is a skilled combatant and that he is certainly not one to be messed with. And if you do decide to mess with him. You’d better get ready to get dunked on.

“Do you wanna have a bad time? Cause if you keep going the way you are now… You’re gonna have a bad time.”

Invincibility Frames – When the player is hit, they enter a small period where they become immune to damage. This only last for a few seconds (or a few frames).

RESET – This is what Undertale calls it’s save function. The RESET ability.

Genocide Route – Also referred to as a no mercy run. This means that you must hunt every single monster in the underground and kill them all. The save locations tell you how many are left. Any encounters after you kill all monsters will result in a screen that displays ‘But nobody came…’ Furthermore, you must also kill all bosses.

Selection Screen – The screen that appears when you need to decide what you will do. Undertale is Turn-based (so you take a turn and then your enemy does and so on). However, Sans makes bones go across the buttons used to select your option, which will damage you. For the record, there are 4 options: FIGHT, ACT, ITEM and MERCY.

EXP – Despite what you may think, in this game EXP does NOT stand for experience. It actually stands for Execution Points. Similarly, there is another acronym LV that is used in much the same way. Instead of Level, it stands for Level Of ViolenceThese are used as a way to determine how much a person is able to hurt someone. The higher their EXP and LV, the easier it becomes to hurt someone without being hurt yourself.

Thanks for reading this character bio. I hope you enjoyed reading it! If I missed anything then please feel free to leave a comment and tell me how much of a dumbass I am! Also, if you want me to make a character bio for someone specific then please feel free to ask.


Thanks again for Reading!

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