Things that annoy the hell out of me IRL

It’s time again for me to vent some of my frustrations from the real world onto my blog. Because why the fuck not right? I’ll be listing things that annoy the shit out of me in the real world, why they annoy me, and one of the times that it has happened to me. Anyway, let’s get this started shall we?

  1. People who ask you to do something when it is obviously inconvenient for you.

I feel like this one should be a no-brainer right? If someone is obviously in the middle of something important then don’t ask them to do it. And if you have to then at least have the courtesy to wait until they’re done. I remember one time that a group of friends came over to me in the library (while I was revising in the quiet study area) and they asked me if I could help to clean up their classroom before the lecturers came and saw what a mess they made. All the while I’m just sitting there thinking, if it’s so messy then why did you leave to get MY help of all people? And they didn’t decide to stop when they saw me going over my notes either, they just came straight up and didn’t care in the slightest. (But don’t worry guys, they never found their bodies).

2. People who ask you to do something but are never satisfied with the quality of your help.

I had originally created this blog post when I was more passionate (Translation: Pissed Off) about this topic, as it had just happened to me (I sometimes type up blog posts early on Microsoft Word and then copy paste them onto WordPress in case you’re wondering). When I was re-reading the post, I realised that I had droned on about this point for simply too long. So I decided to shorten it a little bit. And by a little, I mean a lot. In 3 words actually… FUCK THESE PEOPLE. Pretty good eh? (Note this encounter was my inspiration for making this blog post. Just so you know) So we all know those people who are very hard to please right? Yeah well, I have a couple of friends who are like this. One of which, I had the displeasure of speaking to a couple of days ago. She asked me if I could take her dog out for a walk. Fuck knows why, but I did it regardless since I had nothing better to do. And guess what she said when I got back… “You were only gone for half an hour, I knew I should have just done it myself…” THEN WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU!? I did this out of the kindness of my heart (Something that is very scarce for me) and when I get back from walking your dog the first thing you do is criticise me! Not even a goddamn thank you! (Don’t worry, hid her body in the same place as the others, so it’s all good)

3. People who don’t understand when they’ve crossed the line.

Now I’ll openly admit that sometimes I can go a little far when I get angry. Okay? I’m not perfect. But Jesus fucking Christ, at least I can tell when I’ve gone too far! Some people can just be having a random conversation and then it just goes from 0 to Fuck within 3 seconds! And for the record, I don’t think that ignorance is any excuse for crossing this line. Now this one will require me to go into the past… (about 3 or 4 years to be precise). Back in my days at the academy (For the benefit of non-British people here, my academy was the equivalent of a High School) I was one of the shortest boys in the entire school. I was taller than some kids who were younger than me but in my year (or Grade) I was always the shortest. Now… I was very self-conscious about my height. And everyone knew it. EVERYONE. Now, imagine how I felt when some tall guy from my class (who I had known since primary school) starts having a conversation with me… Then suddenly changes whatever topic we were on (all I remember about it was that it was completely non-related) and says “Wow, you’re really tiny.” … But don’t worry guys. It gets worse. He then proceeded to PICK ME UP and said “and you’re really light in all!” …Fuck you too.

4. When someone writes down your name somewhere (like a white board or something), spells it wrong, and gets pissy when you tell them they spelled it wrong.

This happens to me a lot. Like… A LOT. You’d think my name would be easy to spell. Just m-a-t-t-h-e-w right? Well no, you’d be wrong. Cause my name is ACTUALLY spelled     m-a-t-h-e-w with 1 t instead of 2. Cause why the hell not right? There are so many to choose from for this one, so I’ll just pick one at random. This one time, when I was signing up for a club (ages and ages ago mind you). The older students were taking the names of everyone who wanted to join. When I gave this one girl my name she wrote my name on the board and spelled it with 2 ts. Since this happens so often, I casually said: “My name just has 1 t in it.” to which this girl (the supposedly more mature girl) responded with “Ugh, nobody cares!” …Excuse me? I don’t even know how I had managed to spur this much hatred. I didn’t especially care that she had spelled my name wrong (since it happens so frequently) but holy shit man. As soon as she said this I thought… “Yeah. Not attending this club. That’s for fucking sure.” And I never did… ‘Sigh’ Good times…

And last, but not least…

5. When you’re well mannered enough to do something nice for someone. And they don’t acknowledge it.

Now for clarification, I don’t include friends in this one (unless the nice thing is especially awesome). I mean things like opening and holding doors, telling someone that they dropped their phone (or something else important like a purse or wallet) or holding up the bus so that someone who is running to catch it can make it in time. When you do something nice for a stranger essentially. Now, obviously, I don’t expect everyone pat me on the back or any of that BS because they might be in a hurry. I don’t even mind if they don’t say thank you. But I do mind it when they just walk right past you without even acknowledging what you did. If you did something nice for someone (like the things I mentioned above) then I expect that you will at least do something like smile at me or even nodding your head in my general direction. But when you just completely ignore me entirely… That is just the worst. That’s when I get pissed. A random stranger just went out of his way to help you out and you don’t even acknowledge it? He didn’t have to you know! He’s not legally obligated to follow you around and make your day better! What kind of an asshole are you? Anyway, the story behind this one is very simple. I was in the self study area and I saw someone leave out of the corner of my eye. The reason I watched them was because the self study area is meant to be quiet at all times (so all noise that gets made stands out immediately) so when someone starts to pack up and leave you automatically glance up to see the source of the noise. And then once you find it, you get back to studying. About 10 minutes passed when I saw that it was about time for lunch. Now as I walked past where that person was sitting I noticed that they had left their phone behind. My immediate thought was “I can’t just leave it there can I? I can’t just pretend I didn’t see it.” So I took it down to reception and they asked me to try and find who it was around the campus. So after about 30-45 minutes of searching, I finally found him and said “Do you have your phone?” he checked his pockets and started to look worried when he couldn’t find it. So I told him that he had left it in the self study area and that I had taken it over to reception. And you know what he did next? He just walked off to reception. No thank you. No smile. Not even a fucking nod. He just blanked me. I spent most of my lunch break tracking this fucker down. And he didn’t even have the decency to acknowledge what I did for him in the slightest. Great. So happy I did that.

That last one was very long but that is a short as I could make it. Besides, that prick deserves special mention.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog post of me relieving stress. If you want to see anything in particular for the next blog post, then leave a comment (seriously, only a matter of time before I run out of ideas).

Thanks for reading!
(See that’s how it’s done Prick from story No.5!)

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