Dokapon Kingdom (PS2 and Wii) (Important Update)

Alright just to get it out of the way before the main topic, since I have now started my second year of college, from now on I will be uploading on Sundays instead of Fridays. I’d probably keep uploading on Fridays were it not for the fact that Friday is my longest day. Right after college this week I was going to write up this post but thought ‘Fuck it, I’m too tired.’ So… Yeah.

Anyway, main topic everyone! Dokapon Kingdom is one of my favourite games to play with friends (If I had any… WAAAAAA! Nah Just kidding). For those of you who have never heard of Dokapon Kingdom allow me to describe it in 6 words: If Mario Party was an RPG. That is about the sum of it.

The main goal of Dokapon Kingdom

The main goal of Dokapon kingdom is to accumulate the most assets as possible (have the highest net worth) which are gained from: killing monsters, saving towns, beating bosses, completing quests and side quests and also (of course) killing the other players. Your net worth is the sum of: how much gold they have on hand, the value of any towns they may have and the value of any castles they may have. Towns are gained by killing monsters who have taken over them and castles are gained by completing any of the King’s quests.

Things I like about Dokapon Kingdom

  1. There’s no one way to play – There are multiple classes in the game that give their own benefits (For example: a Thief can steal items from any players they pass). The especially good classes do require some extra effort to get but, in the end, it really does pay off. Regardless of what you want to be however, players will always choose from 3 starting classes: A Warrior, a Thief and a Magician.
  2. Being in last place isn’t necessarily a bad thing – In Mario Party, once you’re in last place it can often be difficult to get out of last place (barring Chance Time or Reversal of Fortune). However, there are times in Dokapon kingdom where it is more beneficial to stay in last place. This same reason that makes being in last place worthwhile also makes it easier to get out of last place. I am, of course, referring to the Darkling (more on that later).
  3. The Combat System is well done – This is just a personal opinion. I’ll go over how battles are structured later but just know that I like how it’s done.
  4. The Job (Class) System is really well done – Essentially, you can level up your Jobs by killing enemies. This is not based on how strong they are, but it is based on how many you fight. While you are a certain Job you receive gold at the end of every week (note, all players taking 1 turn = 1 day). You get more gold if your Job’s level is higher. Once you reach Job level 6, you master that Job and get gold for that job (even if you’re not that Class anymore). Furthermore, when you master a Job, new jobs become available (For example: mastering Warrior and Magician will unlock the Spellsword Job).

What I dislike about Dokapon Kingdom

  1. It’s totally rigged – Most things are determined by a spinner (like movement) which has numbers 0-6. In the field, 0 is the least likely number to get for movement (since the space for it is so small). I will however clarify that it is not impossible to land on a 0 in the field (it has happened to me before). But (For example) in a certain event with a character called Mitch Digger: Mitch will offer to drill into the ground to find a spring (which will raise the value of one of your towns). Mitch will be successful as long as you use the spinner and land on the following numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. As long as you don’t get 0 or 1 your town’s value goes up right? Sounds easy don’t it? Well you’d be wrong! Cause it’s not! Most of the times that I’ve landed on 0 has been in this event. The spinner is fucking rigged! Whenever there is a moment where “oh you have to roll anything but a 0” you can guarantee that it will be a fucking 0!
  2. The AI Cheats – I’ll come out right now and say that I have no ‘Physical Proof’ that this is true okay? But I am 100% sure that the AI know, in advance, what the spinners are going to land on and what moves you are going to make in battle (if you decide before them). This is because I have seen several situations where the AI has done something done and it pays off immediately. Example: one time an AI was wandering far away from the objective (which is ordinarily a bad idea unless you have something better or more lucrative to do… Which they didn’t). What happened was, they managed to encounter Rico Jr (an uncommon random encounter) and (when they beat him) he dropped the Angel Wing. It was at this point that I noticed that the AI was extraordinarily close to where you get the Hero’ License (which you need the Angel Wing to get). This License is one of the things you need to unlock the Hero Class (One of the best classes in the game). If it were just one then I could pass it off as bad luck. But it’s not. If you want to play it, play it with friends and don’t put any AI in.

That’s it. No really. This game is generally balanced for all players. If any one player is doing too well the game is more likely to fuck ’em up!

The Battle System

Okay so here’s how fights work. When fighting a random encounter or another player the turn player picks between 2 cards that are face down. When they have selected a card, they get flipped. Whoever has the card that says ‘FIRST’ attacks first (Duh). You have 4 options for attacking and defending in a battle.

Attacking: Attack – a regular attack (nothing special), Strike – A stronger attack that deals a much larger amount of damage, Magic Attack – (only usable if you have a magic attack spell) the damage that is dealt by magic spells is generally Magic (MG) but can also be strength in some cases (eg. Mirror Image) and Ability – This can be any ability that can be learned by someone with your current Job or any Jobs that you have mastered (each with different effects).

Defending: Defend – Slightly reduces the amount of damage you would take (except for Magic Attacks). Magic Defend – (Not actually called that) There are many abilities that can be used in top of this move (only used if you were attacked with magic) each with a different name (but all of them reduce any magic damage you’d take but not physical damage). Counter – Will not defend against any physical or magical damage BUT if used against a Strike, will dodge a Strike and deal DOUBLE the damage that the Strike would have done to you. And finally Give Up – I feel that this is pretty self explanatory (in certain fights, Give Up cannot be used).

Now I will talk about the biggest game changer that exists in Dokapon Kingdom… If a player has been in last place for over 2 weeks they will hear ‘The Whispers of Dark Revenge.’ They will also be given the ‘Dark Mark’ (A purple Bat that floats above their head). If this player heads over to the Dark Space in the First Continent (yes there are multiple Continents that open up when a chapter is beaten) or accept the Contract given to them by an NPC named Weber (this event is random) they will encounter Weber (possibly again). Weber will ask you to hand over all of your: Towns, on-hand Cash, Field Magics and Items (on the plus side, you keep any  Castles and equipment). Now you might be thinking “That’d just put me further in last place! Nothing could be worth that kind of cost!”

…Nothing eh?…

Allow me to introduce you… To the Darkling!

The Darkling and the 14 days of Darklingdom

The Darkling is THE MOST POWERFUL CLASS IN THE GAME! This Job can only be used for 2 weeks (Hence ’14 Days of Darklingdom’) The 14 Days of Darklingdom WILL end early if players manage to kill the Darkling. That being said, there are few strategies that can actually beat a Darkling.  First things first, the player’s equipment is exchanged with some of the best equipment in the game (The player’s regular equipment is returned after the 14 Days of Darklingdom are over). Allow me to run through them.

The Draco Sword: +333 AT (Attack)

The Demon Shield: +333 DF (Defence)

The Overlord Crown: +300 AT, +250 DF, +200 MG and +150 SP (Speed)

Offensive Magic: Giga Blaze – Spell power 18 (note: Fire spells also have a chance to reduce enemy DF by 25%… Not that the Darkling fucking needs it!)

Defensive Magic: Super Bounce – A Defensive Spell that will Reflect any Offensive Magic back to the caster at QUADRUPLE strength AND automatically counter Strikes (Unique to Darkling)

Ability: Delete – Randomly deletes the enemy’s entire Inventory, one piece of equipment, or all carried gold. Cause fuck you.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the player’s original stats are also TRIPLED when they become a Darkling. The Darkling will also be given the Doom Spinner which gives them 2-5 Spinners to move each turn (So good luck running you fat bastard). Furthermore, if you’re higher level, the Darkling gains enough EXP to reach your level if they kill you (“I just wanna tend the rabbits Darkling” “I know Player, I know”). The Darkling will also summon monsters to any owned town they land on (and get healed if they land on a town with a monster on it). The Darkling gets EXP for every town they take over in this way (Note: the Darkling CANNOT steal Castles in this way). I should note that the Darkling doesn’t receive this EXP immediately. They get it as soon as they are no longer a Darkling and kill something (literally anything).

At this point you’re probably thinking “So what if killing everyone is easy and I get EXP for it? I still have to give up everything just to get it!”

My response to that is… I’m not done yet. The Darkling has one final mechanic that is the whole reason why this Job is a Game-changer. The Dark Arts.

Every turn, the Darkling will Spin the Dark Arts Spinner. This will award them a certain displayed number of Dark Arts Points between 5 and 200. With these Dark Arts Points, the Darkling can use… Dark Arts. These Dark Arts can have CATASTROPHIC effects on the game. Allow me to list them all.

  • Trap Summon (Cost – 10 Dark Arts Points): Sets 8 random traps on the Darkling’s current map
  • Item Stopper (Cost – 20 Dark Arts Points): Temporarily Seals all players Bags (stops them from using Items)
  • Caltrops (Cost – 30 Dark Arts Points): Temporarily gives all players a footsore  (Makes players move one space at a time)
  • Banker Strike (Cost – 40 Dark Arts Points): Temporarily closes all Loot and Bank Spaces
  • Worker Strike (Cost – 40 Dark Arts Points): Temporarily closes all Building Spaces
  • Market Crash (Cost – 60 Dark Arts Points): Throws away half of all player’s gold
  • Nap Time (Cost – 60 Dark Arts Points): Makes all players fall asleep (Skips their turns)
  • Day Off (Cost – 70 Dark Arts Points): A combination of Banker Strike and Worker Strike
  • Come Here (Cost – 100 Dark Arts Points): Summons all players to the Darkling’s Space (If the Darkling is on a space where they can fight, the players will also be forced to fight the Darkling… So basically it’s Come Here And Die)
  • Local Assault (Cost – 120 Dark Arts Points): Summons monsters to all towns on the Darkling’s current Continent and awards the Darkling EXP as if the Darkling had landed on them
  • Ill Cartographo (Cost – 120 Dark Arts Points): Turns all Empty Spaces (which would usually initiate a Random Encounter or an Event) into Doom Spaces. If a player lands on a Doom Space, they are forced to fight the Darkling (The darkling does not retain damage from Ill Cartographo Fights)
  • Castle Panic (Cost – 160 Dark Arts Points): Steals a random Castle from any player and awards the Darkling EXP as if they had landed on it
  • Global Assault (Cost – 200 Dark Arts Points): Summons monsters onto all towns on all Continents (and awards the Darkling with a Metric Ton of EXP… This is the equivalent of New Game+ in Dokapon Kingdom)

The Darkling has the ability to completely Reset the game and fuck everything up. And also destroy friendships… It can do that as well. Since this Darkling is the most feared thing in the game… I will give you a couple methods on how to (legitimately) beat a Darkling!

Basics for Fighting Darklings

  • Unless the Darkling is unable to defend themselves (like if they are asleep) DO NOT use Offensive Magic or Strike (as they will, most likely, use Super Bounce)!
  • DO NOT engage the Darkling if there is a chance that they can attack you first!
  • If you are guaranteed to attack the Darkling first (For example: if you use a Reveal), DO NOT engage unless you are sure that you can kill them in one hit!
  • If you need time to perform these methods then try to obtain a Vanish (which will make it impossible to fight you)
  • Carry multiple Reveals (show which card lets you go first during the start of the fight), Deathblocks (Survive 1 Fatal Blow and take no damage from that attack) and Revivals (Self-explanatory) as possible (you’ll need ’em!)
  • If you are trying to dodge the Darkling, STAY AWAY from places where the Darkling can loop around (as they can use multiple numbers to reach you)!
  • Another good rule of thumb is to get as close to the Darkling as possible (cause then they have to land on several really high numbers or several really low numbers to fight you)
  • Finally, stick to spaces where the Darkling CANNOT fight you, even if they land on the same space as you (This is essentially any space that is not an Empty Space or a town).

Methods for Killing Darklings!

(Note: These methods require a hefty chunk of Luck to succeed)

  1. The Non-Soul Fire Method (From the Wiki) – Use Magic Medicine (To double all of your stats for a week) 1-3 days before the encounter and lure the Darkling to a Dungeon. Once there, wait for them to land on an empty space then cast Down (Lowers all stats by 50%), Sleepy Time (Put them to sleep) or both Field Magics on them. Once that’s done, attack the Darkling with everything you have! If the Darkling uses Item Stopper, you can no longer access your items (making this impossible).
  2. The Soul Fire Method (From the Wiki) – Have Soul Fire (an Ability that can be learned after you reach Monk Job Level 2) followed by 3-4 Deathblocks and a Reveal (any other Items are up to you). When you engage the Darkling, DO NOT use the Reveal immediately! Instead, use Soul Fire (to increase your AT by 50% every turn you’re in battle. When you run out of Deathblocks, use the Reveal to hit the Darkling with full strength. If the Darkling uses Delete and Erases your inventory, then this becomes impossible.
  3. The Copycat Method – (My usual method in late game): Have Copy (an ability that Copies ALL OF YOUR OPPONENT’S STATS… If higher) and just hope that whatever Deity is up there (If any) gives you a break. You can get the Copy ability from Robo-knight Job Level 2 or from the ???? ability (Which gives you a random ability… Yeah good luck with that).
  4. The Take a Dive Method (My usual method in the early game) – Before, the Marked Player (Player with a Dark Mark) becomes a Darkling, have you (or one of the others playing) lower their net worth in an attempt to take the Marked Player out of Last Place. If successful, the purple bat will fly away (and the player can no longer become a Darkling).

Those are the only methods that the Wiki and I have for Darkling Slaying/Circumventing. Dodging is a valid strategy but, if you kill the Darkling, you get to take a piece of their awesome equipment that I listed earlier. And then you’re overpowered and everybody hates you. Regardless, it is a rare moment to see a a Darkling die. I’ve personally seen it once; when the Darkling was dumb enough to Strike me and I Countered (Knowing that there was no other possible way for me to win)… Yeah that was a good day.

In Conclusion

Despite it’s faults, Dokapon Kingdom is a very fun game to play (Unless you’re up against the AI). I typically enjoy every game that I play with friends and it is a very fun experience that I would recommend to any avid RPG gamers, fans of Mario Party or anyone with a couple days to burn away with friends (cause full games take a fucking while man).

I hope you enjoyed this weekly installment of whatever-the-fuck and that this is in some way helpful or enlightening to you… At least now my life has purpose. Regardless, if you have any ideas on what you want to see next, just leave a comment.

Thanks for reading! (Damn just one word short of 2900 words… Oh wait. Never mind)


Dead By Daylight

Now some may recall that I made a blog post about Dead By Daylight in the past. It was about how random the game could be and how that random factor translated into fear. This post however will be a general review of the game as it is now. Note that everything you read here is purely my opinion and facts that back them up.

The Survivor’s Objectives:

The Survivors (of which there are typically 4) must work together to repair a total of 5 Generators (4 if there are fewer than 4 survivors) then open and escape through one of the 2 Exit Doors. Furthermore, if there is only one Survivor left and at least 2 Generators have been repaired a Trapdoor will open up that a Survivor can also escape through.

The Survivors can also carry 4 different pieces of equipment (but only one at a time). These pieces of equipment include: A Toolbox, A Medkit, A Flashlight and A Map.

The Toolbox

The Toolbox allows a Survivor to repair Generators and Sabotage Traps faster. It also allows Survivors to Sabotage the killer’s hooks (except the ones in the Basement).

The Medkit

The Medkit allows Survivors to heal each other at a faster rate. It also allows Survivors to perform a Self Heal.

The Flashlight

Despite what you might think, the Flashlight is not used for lighting your way (it can be used for that, but the incredibly short battery life makes it very impractical). Instead, it can be use to blind the killer for a few seconds. This can be done by shining the Flashlight directly into their eyes.

The Map

The Map can be used to show the location of every Generator in the area… And nothing else.

The Killer’s Objectives:

The Killer must track down and kill at least 1 Survivor in order to win. However, the Killer will get more Blood Points (this will be explained later) if they kill multiple Survivors. There are 4 different types of Killer in the game currently (again these will be covered later). The killer carries one main weapon that will put a Survivor into a crawling state with 2 attacks.

As I previously stated, there are 4 types of Killer: The Trapper, The Wraith, The Hillbilly and (most recently) The Nurse.

The Trapper

Considered by many to be the most basic class. The Trapper sets traps which Survivors can get caught in if they are not careful. Once caught, Survivors will attempt to escape (with RNG deciding whether or not they succeed). Alternatively they can get saved by another Survivor. The Trapper can also get caught in these traps and get slowed down for a few seconds. The Trapper can only carry one trap at a time and these traps can also get sabotaged by Survivors. The Trapper wields a Meat Cleaver as their weapon.

The Wraith

The Wraith is a Killer that has the ability to Cloak and Uncloak himself at will. While Cloaked, The Wraith moves slightly faster and is ‘Invisible’ (in quotation marks because The Wraith shimmers while  Cloaked). Furthermore, while the Wraith is Cloaked, the Survivors will not hear the Heartbeat sound that plays when the Killer approaches. However, being Cloaked does have its drawbacks. For example, the Killer cannot interact with anything while Cloaked and Uncloaking takes a few seconds. The Wraith carries a Staff as their weapon

The Hillbilly

The hillbilly is the only killer with a secondary weapon. This weapon is a chainsaw. While using the Chainsaw, the Hillbilly can Sprint over long distances very quickly. Furthermore, the Hillbilly’s Chainsaw can down a Survivor in one hit. The Chainsaw takes a few seconds to rev up and also makes turning very difficult. The Hillbilly also carries a Sledgehammer as their primary weapon.

The  Nurse

The Nurse is the newest class in the lineup. The Nurse is able to charge up a Teleport (the range depending on how long they charge the Breath). After Teleporting, there is a short time they can do two more Short Blinks chained together. After Teleporting, Chain Blinks or not, the Killer is stunned. The Nurse carries a Bonesaw as their weapon.

What I Like

  • I like how the game is generally balanced for both sides (note: generally)
  • I like how, even when hooked, Survivors have a chance to survive (either by RNG or other Survivors rescuing them)
  • I like how the game makes you level up. You earn points to level up for doing certain things (like helping teammates as a Survivor gets you Altruism points) which give you incentive to do them.

What I Think Ruins the Game

Infinite Vault Spots – In order to get away from the Killer, Survivors are able to Vault over certain obstacles (and can do this faster than the Killer). HOWEVER there are some areas on certain maps where there are 2 or more Vault Spots right next to each other. Survivors can abuse this and (unless you’re the Trapper) the Killer can’t do a fucking thing about it except hope the Survivor makes a mistake. It is soooooo Goddamn annoying. And being forced to stick to one particular class in order to avoid it is bullshit.

Body Camping Killers – Ugh… When a Survivor is hooked, their teammates have a chance to save them or luck out with RNG. But, if the Killer decides to Body Camp you. You’re fucked. Straight up. You are fucked. No Survivor is going to go near you while that killer is there and, even if RNGesus is on your side, the Killer will just whack you once and put you right back on that hook. This is the only game ruining thing that is (in my opinion) somewhat balanced. Because, if a Killer decides to Body Camp, I just say fuck it and start working on Generators (as does everybody else). Then more Generators get solved and the team benefits (putting the Killer at a disadvantage for Body Camping). I myself would not resort to Body Camping unless I had downed someone who abused the shit out of Infinite Vault Spots (because Karma’s a bitch). If I do down someone like that, then I don’t want them to run free. Imma fuck their day cause they deserve it.

Frequently Loud Survivors – When a Survivor is injured, they will begin to make loud noises (making it easier for the killer to track them). This is fine. Understandable. They’ve just been injured so of course they wouldn’t be silent. The problems are simply these. They are waaaay too loud and make noises waaaay too often. Like seriously, Injured Survivors will make noise every 7-8 seconds and they are so loud that you can hear them from very far away. Another thing… When a Survivor is in a Closet used for hiding, even if they are not injured, they will make the exact same frequent loud noises. And that is ridiculous.

The Memento Mori Offerings – Holy shit… These Offerings are the fucking worst. There are 2 different Memento Mori Offerings: The Ivory Memento Mori and the Ebony Memento Mori. The Ivory Memento Mori allows the killer to kill one Survivor INSTANTLY without hanging them on a hook. Then there’s the Ebony Memento Mori which allows them to kill ALL SURVIVORS INSTANTLY without hanging them on a hook. Not only that, but these Offerings are Secret (meaning they are not revealed at the start of the round). This means that, once you inevitably notice that a teammate died without being hooked, you have no way of knowing whether or not they have the Ivory one or the much worse Ebony one. The only Solace that can be taken from this is that Offerings are used up upon usage and they are also incredibly rare. But my God these make the game so unbalanced. The fact that the Killer has to hook a Survivor in order to kill them is a fair game mechanic. This is because it gives the Survivor a chance to escape and carry on (it will usually also slow down other Survivors if they choose to help). As well as that, it also gives Survivors time to fix Generators if the Killer is a Body Camper. Again Balanced (sort of). But with these Offerings (especially the Ebony Memento Mori) it’s just instant death. The Killer doesn’t have to go through any trouble to hang you or waste time doing it either. They can just kill you there and then. And you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Balancing the Bullshit

There are very simple ways to fix these problems. Like seriously. Simple. I mean for fuck’s sakes, I was able to think of them so how are the Game Devs struggling?

How to Fix Infinite Vault Spots

There are one of three ways that I can see these getting fixed:

  • Removing Vaulting entirely. I personally like the idea of Vaulting so I’d keep it in so… This is the lowest on the list of recommendations.
  • Integrating some kind of Stamina system for Survivors. This would make it so that Survivors tire out after Sprinting long distances. It wouldn’t get rid of the Vault Spots but it’ll make them harder for survivors to use.
  • Finally, Making certain Vault Spots Breakable. Again, not a bad idea. Some Vault Spots look easily breakable in game so why not right?

How to Fix Body Camping Killers

In my personal opinion, Body Camping Killers are already fairly balanced (as the Killer has consequences for doing it). But if any one thing had to be done, I’d give the Killer a Penalty for hanging around in the general area of a hanging survivor. For example: if the killer spent a certain amount of time (maybe like a minute or so) inside a circle around the hook, they get slowed down for the rest of the game or something. This means that if the Killer still wants to Body Camp, they have to be away from the hook (giving other Survivors a chance to swoop in and save them.

How to Fix Frequently Loud Survivors

Make the Noises completely random but keep them just as audible. Then, make it so that a random Skill Check pops up whenever a Survivor is about to make noise. If passes, the Survivor Stifles themselves. If failed, the Survivor makes a loud noise that gives the Killer an indicator. Simple and fair. Same goes for closets while injured BUT if they aren’t injured then no Skill Checks and no noise (cause it’s bullshit).

How to Fix the Memento Mori Offerings

Get. Rid. Of. Them.

If you Game Devs really want to keep it (for some insane reason) then here’s a way to make it fair.

Make it so that the instant kill can only be used if the Survivor would instantly die if they were hooked. This way, it only saves the Killer the time it would take to get to a Hook and it can no longer be used instantly. That being said, I also think that this next idea should be implemented on top of that. I think that the Offerings should also have a chance of failing. This is because a Survivor free themselves from the Killer’s grasp while being carried. I think that if the ability could only be used one single time on a downed person and if that person gets downed again, it resets. This means that if the Killer fails it and the Survivor escapes and gets downed again, the Killer can try again to use the ability.

Welp, that’s all from me. Overall, I think that Dead By Daylight is a Game that is both unique and has great potential. That being said, some of the issues that I have pointed out (like Infinite Vault Spots) are things that you’d expect to be fixed during the first couple of weeks of the game being released. If the Game Devs don’t do something to fix them then this game is just going to become wasted potential.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Be sure to leave a comment with your opinion. Feel free to tell me if you think I missed something.

Thanks for reading!